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Beat of Your Heart, single release

Posted by on May 1, 2017

Hello! Happy May Day! How are ya? Just a quick blog about the second single release last week. Here it is: I didn’t choose that thumbnail photo – that was YouTube’s decision. It looks like I’m about to burst into a bit of break-dancing, doesn’t it! I’m very happy with this song. I was anxious about releasing it because it’s quite different from my EP songs. But it felt like the right way forward and I’m delighted with the reaction. Thanks a million for your messages and comments! I was thrilled too that it was included in Nialler9’s Irish Songs of the Week in the Irish Times. You don’t think of those things when you’re writing a song, but it really is very validating when there’s a positive outside response. So thank you. It took quite a while to get the final version of this together: we started with the piano and voices, then added some guitar and percussion, and then cello, trombone and double bass. I had in my mind that the song should strike a balance between destabilising, and soothing, so that by the third verse (2:40), you’d feel a bit like you were firing things around the kitchen, but in a cathartic rather than a frustrated sort of way!* Did it work? ..or am I just talking singer-songwriter rubbish? In terms of the words, the song is about letting someone go who isn’t doing you any good in your life, and it feeling like you’re abandoning them (rather than the other way round – or that you might be abandoning yourself by not doing it). I remember describing the feeling to someone (of letting that person go) as like clutching a baby really close and then stretching out your arms and dropping them into a river. And I can’t remember their exact response, but it was something like “but he’s a grown man..”, which was very true ..but it wouldn’t have mattered what he was – objectivity had left the building by then! It’s very easy to fall into bad patterns with relationships, isn’t it.. especially in your 20s, I think. I sometimes think you shouldn’t be allowed near another person until you both pass a rigorous battery of healthy-boundaries tests first! I suppose you have to learn to do that for yourself along the way.** Anyway, God, I got very serious there. Any craic..? I really hope you like the song. You can just...

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