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June, July, and happily ever after

Posted by on Jul 2, 2016

June, July, and happily ever after


It’s July, oh my. I’m kind of jealous of Mundy for writing that song. Every year, there it is on the radio. But what do they say, Freud and them fellas.. that it’s better to channel your negative feelings into something more useful?

Anyway, on a matter entirely unrelated, I was thinking I might name the 11 songs on my album after all the other months of the year.

Track 1 (‘January’) will be bleak, with a chance of snow. Track 2, similar, a bit shorter. Track 3, a nice march in 4/4. Track 4, clean sounds, a bit showery. Track 5 – may or may not make the cut. Track 6, Summer-Lovin’ kind of vibe.

—–Track 7 will be a minute’s silence out of respect for Mundy—–

Track 8.. get the idea. So obviously I’m going to clean up. $$$. I might even be on the Forbes list by next summer..

Having said that, I recently heard that there were over 7000 albums released in Ireland last year. Isn’t that hard to believe? The majority, I think, were Country & Irish, but it certainly makes one feel small. Very small indeed. Like a little field mouse. In a big field of field mouses.

It’s going grand anyway, to get to the point. I’m still recording the songs. The ones I’m putting on this album are mostly new ones, so I’m very curious to see what you think of them, and fairly terrified in equal measure. They’re a bit more folky and raw, I think. A bit angry here and there maybe. I’m trying to make them as honest as I can.

Though, in the greater scheme of things – Brexit, Orlando, Istanbul – the album doesn’t seem so big a deal. The world’s gone a bit mad, hasn’t it? What’s going to happen next? Will we just wipe ourselves out altogether, do you reckon? Or will the good win out? Where’s Ted when you need him – I have questions!*

In gig news, the next one is on Friday 8th July in Athlone (The Malt House) supporting Red Empire – one of BBC America’s top picks for 2016. I’m on at 8.30/9 and you’re very welcome to come. It’s upstairs.


In terms of fun stuff, I’ve been loving Twitter lately. The National Geographic and Science Daily are a great follow if you’re looking to expand your newsfeed horizons in those directions: like, finding out about distant moons with erupting frost particles ..or catching a glimpse of Jupiter’s northern lights (photo in the blog-image above).

LIFE-wise, I feel like I’ve been thinking a lot about singleness and marriedom, and what the future of it all is for the world. (I’m kinda rambling now I know – I’ll rein it in now shortly). But I was thinking how.. it’s like.. from 0 to 20/25 years of age, you’re just a person, and then after that, you sort of magically become a ‘single person’ or someone who’s ‘coupled’ or ‘married’ or ‘engaged’. It’s a bit silly, no? I’m also a healthy person. A loyal person. A tea person. A fortunate person. An appendixless person..

Anyway, I’m not making any particularly well-thought-out point here, only to say that if you’d like to marry me for financial reasons (royalties), or indeed passport purposes, I’ll be in Athlone next Friday and you can use my appendix operation as an ice-breaker while we drink tea under the stars and plan our honeymoon to Jupiter. Or something like that..

As for the rest of you, I’m wishing you all the very best with your own starship missions, and if by chance you’re feeling the pressures, the social pressures.. to live the life-most-travelled, I’m including some links below which you might enjoy,

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, whatever you’re up to.

Keep up the good work – sure you’re only fabulous!

Ailie xx



– Living Single is a blog challenging myths and stereotypes about single and married life.

Baggage Reclaim is a blog and podcast about all things lurrrve. Regularly updated.

Cool places to live that are cheaper than a house – houseboat anyone?

* Don’t let these questions panic you. Look – a jumping pomeranian pup.

For my students: the plural of mouse is mice.





  1. Appendices are overrated

    • Totally! :-)

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