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On the Bus

Posted by on Oct 14, 2016

On the Bus


I’m on the bus to Cork at the minute. Off to see my relations and get a gig fix. I love Cork.

Cork was like an exotic utopia to us growing up in Leitrim.. full of distant drumbeats and the fragrant musk of sweet possibility (..roughly translating as: our Cork cousins were musicians, older than us, we got into places underage with them and I fancied all their friends). I always thought I’d live there when I grew up, but now actually.. now that I’ve learned that the Dublin-Cork express has plug sockets on it, I can imagine myself happily just living on the bus-to-Cork.

I left my job two weeks ago – you might’ve seen me say that on Twitter. It’s been a funny old time. I did it to finish my album, because otherwise I swear I’ll be 102 by the time I finish it. Leaving your job though.. I don’t know if this is a universal thing, but it threw up a weird mix of emotions. Thoughts about purpose.. identity.. values.. priorities.. dying..

I had to sit myself down in front of the mirror and say very gentle things.

Speaking of which, I heard that if you have an itch on, say, your left arm, and you look in the mirror and scratch the same spot, but on your right arm, it helps soothe the itch? There was actually a proper study done on this.* Try it there next time you have an itch and tell me.

Anyway, I’m getting used to the new day-job, though it’s different from being in the 9am morning-coffee whirl. I love the sense of belonging that comes with being part of the ‘commuter’ world, or whatever you want to call it. I miss the photocopier craic with workmates too, and the students. You make great friends..

But it’s great, being a free agent. And a privilege. I’m spending most of these days revising the lyrics and structures of whichever song is being recorded next, and then practising until I’m happy with the various aspects of it. Passes the day nicely. And then I spend the rest of the time indulging in absolute nonsense. My favourite thing in a while has been finding the Ig Nobel Prizes – prizes awarded for research that makes people laugh first and think second.** My sister told me about these – the mirror-itch study was one of the winners. They’re absolutely class! Have a read in an idle moment.

Anyway, enough of all that. How are you? Any craic, goss, shkandal? (I’m feeling a bit people-starved!)

Ailie Xx


** Ig Nobel Prize website:

Incidentally, class about Bob Dylan and the actual Nobels!



  1. Does that mean there is a job going in Grafton College?

    • Hi Des! It might well do. Give them a shout. Hope you’re well!

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