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December // album update

Posted by on Dec 10, 2016

December // album update


So, Christmas again! How are ya getting on? Have you the shopping done? I’ve nothing done yet.

The people-pleaser in me loves saying that, knowing that other people might feel better about themselves by comparison. And then the rebel in me is like “flip that for a game of soldiers, I don’t care what anyone thinks”.. which isn’t true, of course, but, given the global loony-mayhem at the moment, you’d nearly be forgiven, wouldn’t you?

I was reading recently that our last shared ancestors (human/ape) might have come from around the Rift Valley in East Africa (I may be a bit late to the anthropological party on this one – it was news to me!). Anyway, I saw a beautiful picture of the area as taken from the space station, and I have to say.. it kind of helped put the Trump stuff in perspective for me a bit. It made me start thinking about how we must have been back then.. hanging out in the trees.. swinging away.. swinging away.. and then the transition to walking upright.. swing.. swing.. double-tucked-back-somersault and *land*

There’s just something lovely about it.

And another thing I’ve taken solace in, and you might too.. is the fact that the universe is just so incredibly big. 13.8 billion years and 1 or 2 hundred billion galaxies of big. It’s a lot. Makes my problems seem very small.

Anyway, moving a bit closer to home – the album is nearly there! I’ll fill you in on where I am:

Recording started around this time last year, and by February, I had.. I suppose.. about half of it done. At that point, I took a step back for perspective – I headed to the Rift Valley of my mind – and I realised I’d need to pull my socks up a bit if I was going to be happy with the final album. I felt like I wasn’t giving a true account of myself.. or something. Too much people-pleasing, too little rebel, maybe.. Probably, actually!

So, I changed tack around May, got some of the newer songs together, met up with a fantastic producer, and the rest, as they say, is not history yet, but I’m delighted to be releasing the first single from it – ‘West to the Evening Sun’ – next month! (all going well)

The album will follow shortly after that, and the rest, as they say, is still not history, but isn’t time only an illusion anyway? ..and I’m still not sure why people in the southern hemisphere aren’t walking upside down. Not that there’s any up or down anyway.

In any case, I feel like I’ve sown the seeds for a very calm and reassuring Christmas for you!

If you’d like to get the proper science, I would highly recommend checking out Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe.** It’s absolutely brilliant. It breaks complex concepts into really clear and concise language, and he’s just, well, he’s, well, let’s just say.. I have a soft spot..

I hope you’re keeping well yourself? Any craic for me??

Hopefully see you out on the road early next year!

In the meantime, enjoy the Christmas holidays :-)

Ailie xx


*the blogpost image is the ‘Earthrise’ photo taken in 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission. Such a cool photo.

**Children would love it too, and teenagers, if you’re looking for something to watch over Christmas to fire their imaginations.

– And this real-time view from the International Space Station is worth a visit too – you can track where it is at any time, watch the live stream, and spot it when it passes overhead on a clear night. There’s an app as well. For the nerd in your life!







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