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Double A-Side & Album Launch News

Posted by on Sep 27, 2017


How are ya?

I forgot to post the two songs from my new double A-side up here. Sorry!

The first, And So To Sleep, is about working through feelings of loss. I was very lucky to have it included in the Irish Times Culture Best 8 New Irish Tracks of the Week, and also Nialler9’s Spotify Playlist.

The second, There Is No Sound, is about walking around in life as a perpetual blur of your past experiences, and it was playlisted on Dublin City FM which was lovely!

I’m at the PR stage of this album process at the moment, which is about contacting people to try and arrange interviews & radio/newspaper features to help promote the gigs and album and that sort of thing. It’s hard-going to be honest. I find it hard. I’m not from the go-getter school of life! Maybe you can relate to that? Maybe we could start a support group? :-)

When you’re actually doing interviews and things themselves though, it can be very rewarding. I had a couple recently that I really enjoyed. One for The Irish Echo, New York  which is beautifully written by Colleen Taylor. And one for 8Radio “A Cuppa With..” (interview starts at 17.35) by presenter and blogger Rachel Masterson.

The main thing on my horizon at the moment though is these album launches! I’m really looking forward to them:

And I can’t tell you how welcome you are to come! There are tickets at the links, or, for the Dublin one, you could try coming to the door on the night because it’s a lovely big venue.

I’ll have Laetare Vocal Ensemble with me, who are a beautiful choir – Choir of the Year at this year’s Cork Choral Festival, no less – and feature on one of the songs on West to the Evening Sun called “Would That You May”. And I’ll also have a wonderful band: Aideen Rickard (trombone/vocals), Vyvienne Long (cello), Roisin Blunnie (keyboards/vocals), Gráinne Logue (vocals), Eoghan Regan (elec. guitar) and Eoin Coughlan (bass). And together, we’ll do our level best to give you your money’s worth!

Anyway, moving away from the music – any craic with yourself? There’s a grand opposite-of-a-stretch-in-the-evenings, isn’t there? Had you noticed? Ha! If you’re lamenting the passing of summer, I sometimes like to look at this view from the space station and imagine the hemispheres tilting towards and away and towards and away etcetera forever and ever from the sun. I’ve shared the link before, but I just think it’s good for everyone’s mental health and that’s that. Forced relaxation ;-)

I hope things are well with you,

And if they’re not, that’s grand,

..I’m fairly sure you’re doing your best, no? Yes.

Mind yourself ❤️

Ailie xx


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