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Posted by on Dec 21, 2017


I don’t normally start a blog with a complaint but I caught my finger in the door the other day, and it was really sore! I didn’t know finger injuries were so sore. It was fine, but how have I gone 32 years without knowing finger injuries were so sore? I all at once felt the pain of everyone who has ever caught a finger in a door. You POOR thing! :-)

Anyway, it’s a month since I released my album, and I’ve got some cool news around the corner. I’m looking forward to 2018, but I’ll just wait till I’m a bit more organised to fill ye in. Thanks a million for all your listening and radio-requests and everything – it really means a lot to know that people are enjoying the songs. I sometimes feel a bit lost at sea navigating the music world, so feedback like that really helps bring it back to the important stuff.

I had one of those the other day (lost-at-sea day). I couldn’t get myself off the couch actually – no motivation – but then for some reason something I had read about turning upside-down popped into my head: a quick mood-boosting thing. So I dragged my hands down to the floor and leaned on them with my knees up on the couch – kind of like a kneeling downward-dog-type yoga pose – and stayed like that for a few seconds, and then took a breather and did it again a few times (it was the least-possible-effort way I could think to do it at the time). And, you know, it did sort of work I think! A little bit.. Just getting the blood moving around, I suppose.. Anyway, if you’re having a bad day like that, try it and let me know. It’s pretty silly-looking, but it might help!

And if you’re feeling a bit rougher than that over Christmas (or indeed you cause yourself further injury doing it and feel worse), pick up the phone and have a read through the links below.

Whatever your plans are for Christmas, I hope they go well for you, and that you feel supported. And I also hope that you get at least one pair of motivationally-sloganed pyjamas,

“Dream Big”

Ailie xx

PS Watch your fingers in the doors.


People You Can Call/Text (Sourced Mental Health Ireland)

  • Samaritans
Freephone: 116 123

Text: 087-2609090

  • Aware (Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder & Anxiety)
Tel: 1800 80 48 48


  • Pieta House (Suicide & Self-harm)

National Suicide Helpline (Pieta House) 1800 247 247

  • Bodywhys (Eating Disorders Associations of Ireland)
1890 200 444

  • Childline

1800 66 66 66 24hr a day

  • Women’s Aid (abuse, domestic violence)
Freephone: 1800 34 19 00

  • Amen (abuse, domestic violence – men)
Helpline: 046 902 3718

  • Rape Crisis Network Ireland – Rape Crisis Help
24 Hour Helpline: 1800 77 88 88

  • The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre
24 Hour Helpline: 1800 77 88 88



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