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How I made the video for ‘How much do you love me?’

Posted by on Feb 12, 2014

How I made the video for ‘How much do you love me?’

Hello again. Happy February!

I made a video for “How much do you love me?”  over the weekend (on my 29th birthday actually) and was delighted with the response, so I wanted to let you all know how easy it was to do, in case you ever fancied doing something similar yourselves.

To begin, I took my sister’s old HTC smart phone, which has a good camera on it, and propped it up at the back of my kitchen using a few boxes and other various implements (I didn’t have a tripod). I then positioned it so as the window would be mostly sky with a little bit of skyline at the bottom. This bit was kind of tricky actually – there were all sorts of steeples and things to avoid! Next, I hopped up on the windowsill in my pyjamas to see if the camera was at the right angle so that my face would be in the bottom right window pane, and did a few quick test recordings while singing along to the EP. (At this point, I had fully intended on dressing up a bit for the actual recording, but when I watched the test videos back, I thought to myself “feck it, I spend most of the time I’m at home in my pjs anyway – why try to pretend otherwise!”)

Next, I recorded myself singing the song at various times of the day so that the sky would be different colours (I love the opening and closing dusk shots, where the city lights are glittering in the distance). At this point, I didn’t have a plan for what format the video was going to take, but I knew it would have to be very simple because I didn’t know how to do anything else.

Next, I opened iMovies (the video-editing software you get free with the Mac – you can download it for Windows too), uploaded the videos, and then spent a few hours looking up youtube tutorials on how the software worked. One thing that struck me was how generous people are with their knowledge – from lip-syncing to exporting in the highest-quality format, there’s literally a youtube tutorial for everything these days!

And that was basically it.. I decided to use one main video clip with a few others inserted at the beginning and the end. Very simple.

It was a very satisfying endeavour, I have to say. I would really recommend delving into something you know nothing about if you have a bit of free time. It’s a great feeling to have absolutely zero expectations of yourself. You feel brilliant about everything! So there you go. It took about 2 days overall and no money whatsoever (apart from the initial investments obviously – the phone, the mac computer, the rent of the flat, the kitchen utensils used as a tripod, the breakfast I ate beforehand to give me the energy to bother doing anything at all, the counselling fees over the years to help me feel like a strong and confident person..) Other than that though – cheap as chips!

A few things I noticed afterwards:

– the birds flying past the window. I’ve counted 5 so far..

– the fact I forgot to turn the live sound from the camera off for the very last shot. (Because I was planning to overlay the proper EP version of the song afterwards, I had 2 sound tracks – the EP one, and the live camera one). You can hear the scratching of my legs on the windowsill as I’m getting down from it at the very end.

Anyhoo, that’s basically it – very simple. I hope you are all keeping okay. Thought for the day: be nice, but don’t be so nice that you lose the parts of yourself that sometimes require you not to be so nice. For example, your sanity.

Loads of love,

Ailie Xxx



  1. Ailie, the music is amazing! and the video is wonderful. I’m so proud of you because you made this by yourself!!

    Congratulations! I wish the best for you!!!!

    • Ah Anderson! Obrigada! Thanks so much – you’re so good :-)

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