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Posted by on Aug 12, 2020


By way of a quick update, I’m working collaboratively on a soundtrack for a children’s show at the moment. I’ll link the music as soon as it’s done so you can have a listen, and I’ll share details of the performances so you can go and see it for yourself. I really like doing this kind of work because it feels less about what I’ll snappily term ‘dredging up the swampy tortures of the soul and serving them medium-rare to people who never ordered them’ (i.e. singer-songwriting) and more about, for example, finding sounds to accompany baby birds as they valiantly learn to fly. (Boing. Wheeee. That sort of thing). It’s lovely – I’ll give all the details once it’s complete, as well as sharing the tracks.

I hope you are well x

Sneak preview:

Music composed by Ailie Blunnie & produced by Daragh Dukes

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